The Simple Reason Miitomo Failed Scott’s Thoughts

As both a Nintendo fan, and an Apple fan, seeing Miyamoto walk onstage during an iPhone keynote was pretty incredible.
I was on board with the Big N’s foray into mobile gaming from the outset.

Now, three games and a weird social sim later, the partnership with DeNA has proved to be an interesting one.
Development on these iPhone and Android games is sure taking longer than anyone expected, with the set of 5 games from the DeNA partnership still incomplete after multiple delays.

Miitomo turned out as a fun take on social media and online interaction, but was nowhere near snappy enough to have staying power. Social apps are all about long feeds and quick interactions. When tapping Like (or “Yeah” – whatever Nintendo is calling it) takes 15 seconds, it discourages users from coming back.

They’re mobile efforts are bogged down by long loading times, and assets that live on servers rather than the user’s device.
This is not how mobile gaming is supposed to be, and it’s certainly not how social media is supposed to be.

Instant startup followed by a few quick wins. That’s all we usually have time for on our phones.
If there is more time, I’m likely to turn on my Switch instead.

Making Friiks in the New Switch Mii Maker

Rectangular heads, PLEASE!

This video is brought to you by our Patrons, who challenged us to create some incredible ugly Miis on the Nintendo Switch! There are a few new tools built into this version of Nintendo’s Mii Maker, so we’re putting them through their paces and seeing what kind of monstrosities we can produce. Sound like fun? Good, because it’s Fun Friday!

“Escape the Premises” Kevin MacLeod (
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The Great Genre Debate

How specific is “Open Air adventure”?

What do we call these things? What should we call them? Does it matter? It’s the great genre debate! … NOTE: Upon further research, Kyle Bosman was referring to Miyamoto’s words when he said that Star Fox guard “defied genre”. It seems as if he is as confused at Nintendo’s redefinition of genre as we are. So, basically, ignore anything we say about Kyle Bosman in this video, as it was under false pretenses. You’re great, Bosman. Keep doing your thing.

Shot by Alex Campbell

“Reformat” Kevin MacLeod (
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Miitomo: What, When, Why

The first batch of news from Nintendo’s investor meeting is a doozy!

Nintendo’s first mobile game was unveiled and delayed in one fell stockholders meeting. Let’s direct the details!

Shot by Alex Campbell

“Reformat” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0