ScottScott Campbell

Scott is a hardcore Nintendo nerd. Although the SEGA Genesis introduced him to gaming, Scott shortly found the delights of Nintendo games! Scott’s first console purchase was an N64 from the local Pawn Shop, which he played with his neighborhood friends. Fond memories include: Smash Bros., Star Fox, Goldeneye and Pokemon Stadium. Scott played GameCube and GBA, got an old NES, bought a DS, and most significantly: Saved up to purchase a Wii on launch night at the age of 12.

As an adult Scott enjoys playing all new and current Nintendo titles for fun and for Two Button Crew, as well as all of Nintendo’s retro offerings.

Fun facts

• Competitive Smash player (Sheik main)
• 8-Bit Art fanatic
• Never owned an SNES (sad trombone)
• Proud eReader Swiper

SimeonSimeon King

Simeon is an old-school gaming enthusiast through and through. He grew up playing NES, Game Boy, Sega Saturn, and Sega Dreamcast. He returned to Nintendo during the GameCube era, and has been a loyal fan ever since. His first gaming memories include playing the Mega Man NES games and playing classic fighting games against his older brothers (they used to beat him, but they stand no chance!).

Now, Simeon is catching up on all of the Nintendo classics (especially the Legend of Zelda titles) that he missed out on. He enjoys all things video game culture, especially a good fighting game.

Fun facts

• Mega Man VI World Record holder
• Wears luchador masks at tournaments
• Salty loser

Ryan Van Liere

Ryan was raised on Nintendo. His first games were Super Mario World, NBA Jam, and Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball on his brother’s SNES. In future years he got a N64 and Game Boy Color all for himself and cemented himself as a Nintendo gamer for life. Favorite memories include Diddy Kong Racing, Mario Party, and trading/battling Pokémon with friends.

Now Ryan enjoys most Nintendo first party games including Splatoon, Mario, and Animal Crossing. He also enjoys collecting amiibo and playing classic games on the Virtual Console.

Fun facts

• Enjoys Banjo-Kazooie more than Super Mario 64, and Diddy Kong Racing more than Mario Kart 64
• Really bad at Smash Bros.
• Actually likes the Virtual Boy. Possibly too much.

Glen Straughn

Glen was first introduced to Nintendo when he saw Super Mario World at some friends’ house and has been hooked ever since. While Mario will always be his main man, he has expanded his taste to all things Nintendo—and gaming at large—and is ever eager to experience both the classics and the next big thing alike.

His lifelong love of video games eventually inspired him to pursue an education in computer science, which he greatly enjoys flaunting here at TBC. He also dabbles in many of the other disciplines of the game’s industry: 3D modeling, animation, and game design, just to name a few.

Fun facts

• Has a paper about Super Mario 64 published in a peer-reviewed literature journal.
• Thinks Smash Bros. is more fun with items.
• Always seems to be “that guy” when it comes to Zelda (Skyward Sword was good, Ocarina is
over-rated, etc.)
• Got his position by writing essays in the YouTube comments section.