Does “Indie” Still Mean Anything?

Perhaps one of the greatest movements in the history of the game industry is the rise of indie development in the late 2000’s. With the advent of widespread digital distribution, increase in instructional content available on the internet, and the introduction of affordable game development software suites, such as the Unity or Unreal engines, game development opened up to be available to the general public, and not just those lucky few who managed to get hired at an established studio. Likewise, said established studios were freed from the need to secure funding from large publishing companies to keep their doors open via crowd funding services such as Kickstarter or the topically named Indie-Go-Go.

But what exactly is an indie game? Read more Does “Indie” Still Mean Anything?

Hilarious Wii Slang

Wii would like to slang.

You thought Wii-related jokes had run their course? Not even close. A decade later, Simeon and Scott are revisiting the issue with an enhanced vocabulary of Wii puns and slang that you’ve never even imagined. The Nintendo Wii seemed like it was getting a big downgrade when it received its official name. The codename, Revolution, seemed much more fitting. But if Wii is responsible for allowing us these kinds of puns, we daresay that it was all worth it.

Shot by Alex Campbell

“Escape the Premises” Kevin MacLeod (
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