Only Buy the DLC Pass If… Scott's Thoughts: 8 Days to Smash Ultimate

Nintendo will be offering the “Fighter Pass” for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, a $25 advance payment for future DLC.

Sakurai and co. will be adding 5 characters to the game between launch and February 2020, and said characters will be accompanied by new stages and music tracks.

You can purchase these bundles individually as they are released for $6 each, or shave $5 off the cumulative pricetag by paying up-front.

Purchasers won’t be given anything up front except for a Mii Costume for fans of the Xenoblade Chronicles series.

Only plop down your $25 if one of these applies to you:

  1. You know without a shadow of a doubt that you’re going to buy all the characters anyway
  2. You want to help tournaments by bringing a complete set-up
  3. Xenoblade Chronicles is like life to you
  4. You feel sorry for Sakurai and want to donate to his Carpal Tunnel relief fund
  5. You have a tree in your back yard producing literal money
  6. Your wallet is actually getting too heavy and it’s wearing a hole in your pants

I probably fall into camps 1, 2, and 4. But I’m still going to wait until the first DLC package is actually available, then I’ll spring for the whole payment. I see no reason to fork over my twenty-five now, while I’m already spending a small fortune on the game and accessories.

What are your plans for buying or skipping the Fighter Pass?

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