A Toast to 2018

In the coming year, as we forge into the fast-approaching unknown, may the enjoyment we derive from our leisure activities grow. Whenever those opportunities present themselves, however often or not, may they find us smiling. I hope that we find games that make us happy. For some it will be our favorite developers’ newest creative endeavors. Others will rely on retro titles revisited for the “nth” occasion. Console loyalists, PC gamers, mobile gamers, all. May 2018 be a year of gratitude for the art in our medium.

Lastly, may 2018 be the year in which we play together, more than any year before. The love of a community amplifies mirth. Join me in raising a glass (filled whatever it is you toast with). To the Crew and all other gamers out there. May we have a blessed 2018.

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Simeon has been a Nintendo fan since he can remember, growing up with an NES in the house. Now he loves to play, talk, and write about all things Nintendo. He can usually be found playing fighting, platform, and adventure games.